Thursday, September 28, 2006


Red Bull, Rock Star, and Monster not giving you enough energy? Maybe it’s time to switch to Cocaine. Redux beverages have started a new brand in the beverage market called Cocaine energy drink. The brand received quite a buzz when The New York Post reviewed the product after being sent a sample. Redux got so many e-mails and hits on its website that the server was overwhelmed and had to be shut down. Cocaine was only available in Los Angeles and New York and sold out almost immediately. Redux is working to sell Cocaine from its website via Amazon. Branded as “the legal alternative” Cocaine does not actually have any cocaine in it. What separates it from other energy drinks is the amount of caffeine it contains, about 350% more than Red Bull, the market leader.

What’s contradicting about Cocaine is that it boasts about its insane caffeine content and its incredible rush, but it also trying to promote itself as natural alternative to other energy drinks. For example, on its website Cocaine explains that it does not use high fructose corn syrup like other energy drinks, because it is not good for you, and your body has a hard time converting this sugar. Another way Cocaine tries to separate itself is by saying that it does not give you a crash after drinking it like other energy drinks might; this is because they use a natural sugar called Dextrose. These may be good selling points but if people are drinking something called Cocaine for an energy rush it is hard to imagine they are concerned about the ingredients.

Other information referenced from MarketingBlurb.


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