Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Thought that might get your attention. But it’s no joke. The Jamaican Beer, Red Stripe is offering 100 bottles of free beer to people who will host a party with at least 30 people. The goal is to create a buzz, marketing buzz that is, by getting the target market to associate good times (the party) with beer. Sounds simple but Red Stripe takes the process a step further by having sales reps hand out questionnaires to people at bars, asking where they live. This was an attempt to find people in certain “hipper” areas of a town and make sure they are the ones throwing the party. It makes sense that Red Strip only wants trendsetters throwing the parties because the word of mouth will spread faster, as opposed to giving people beer that are not in the target market.

Even though this may sound like an effective marketing strategy, giving free beer to young adults raises some ethical concerns. Red Stripe promoting drinking parties in away is promoting people to make bad decisions. Even from a legal stand point it seems like a risky promotion because they might become liable by supplying the beer. Some might even consider advertising beer on TV unethical but it definitely gets more complicated when alcohol is promoted by giving people free beer to have a party. According to the Toronto Star, the promotion is completely legal because the marking firm has a license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

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