Thursday, September 21, 2006

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a retail store shaped like a techno blimp.

Retailers are changing their environment and customer perceptions with some eye catching store designs. Selfridges, a department store in Birmingham, England (picture right) is covered with 15,000 reflective metal discs, and a Chanel in Tokyo (below) has 700,000 embedded LEDs that can light a message off of a 3,675 square feet canvas scrim into the night’s sky. These stores change the customer’s experience because they are walking into a retail store that does not look or feel like any other that they have been to. The new stores may also change a person’s perception of the brand. According to Retail Wonders of the World, the Selfridges in Birmingham was not known for being so bold with its style but the store brought customers back to the area with the unique design.

Some stores are even changing the way people shop like the REI (right) in Settle. Even though the store is ten years old, shoppers can test climbing gear on a 60 foot wall or hiking apparel in manmade ecosystems. Even if the new retail store’s design is not changing the way customers shop, it at least generates a some buzz or becomes a local landmark that people refer to.

From BusinessWeekonline
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GOod posts this week - thanks. You got 9 out of 10. Put in a bit more personal reaction next week. You might tell us why you think a particular story is important. Or how a story will affect you.


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