Thursday, September 14, 2006

No extra credit for the buzz?

On the fifth year anniversary of September 11th most people thought about where they were or what they were doing when they heard about the terrorist attacks. Students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology remembered the historic day a little differently, they lifted a 25 feet fire engine on to the school's dome. The Latin word "meminimus" meaning we remember was painted on the side of the truck and inflatable Dalmatians were in the cab. No one knows how the students got the truck on the dome but as with school pranks in the past, instructions were left on how to remove or dismantle it.

Not only is this a cool way to honor and support all of the people that were directly affected that day, but the prank is also a great example of word of mouth marketing for MIT. Any school where the students can put a truck (probably weighing several tons) on a building without anyone noticing is a reflection on the intelligence of the student body. Even though the stunt is not approved of by the school, it pranks like these create or add to a brand image of MIT.

Images and full story from NBC;s=4;p=/news/;dm=ss;w=400


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