Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vote for your neighbor!

Verizon is creating a community buzz with its FiOS TV promotion. In Chester County, Pennsylvania (one county over from me) Verizon is posting on its website the auditions of people in the community trying out for a part in the film “FiOS Fanatics: The Film.” Anyone can vote online but it gives people in the area an opportunity to see neighbors and friends in a sense promoting the new fiber optic TV and internet service. Verizon’s site even invites people to send the auditions to a friend by e-mail.

This is a great way to get people to recognize that the new FiOS service is available in one specific community, because the service is not currently setup in all areas. The buzz will probably continue to grow as the promotion is being paired with traditional advertising and sponsoring local community events throughout Fall. The film starts shooting in Chester County during October and is set to be released in November.

Check some of them out, the kids are funny in their auditions.
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