Sunday, October 22, 2006

C.M.O.N.S. and buy a Corsa

Opel, a European carmaker planned an extensive guerrilla marketing campaign for its Corsa model. The campaign revolved around five puppets created by a German urban artist that reflect both the spirit of the car and the different personalities of the Corsa’s 20 to 30 year old urban target market. The five puppets White, Moo, Blue, Red, and Cherri are best friends from the hip urban scene of Barcelona and part of a band called the C.M.O.N.S. European cities have been exposed to the C.M.O.N.S. through a variety of media. Everything from traffic lights to alleyways has been a stickered, boomerang cards placed in every trendy restaurants and bar, the characters themselves appearing at European festivals, and content promotions have even been uploaded on

This campaign should definitely create a buzz because it reaches the Corsa’s target market so many different ways. However I am curious to know if the word of mouth is positive because I think the idea of having a band of puppets to help sell a car seems a little adolescent. Cars are obviously a lot of money and a big purchasing decision so it is hard for me to see how C.M.O.N.S. increases the brand’s value.

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