Thursday, October 05, 2006

Excuse Me, Your Tag’s Showing

Marshalls department store executed a creative guerilla marketing campaign in downtown Chicago last week by having a street team wear some of the store’s clothing with huge price tags attached to them. This turned some heads since most people look silly when they forget to cut the tags off a new outfit. But instead being pointed and laughed at, Marshalls should have got some curious reactions with its innovative idea. There is nothing like a social faux pas to get people to stop and stare. According to calls were also made to radio stations to increase the awareness of the campaign.

It is unclear whether part of the campaign was to increase the awareness of low prices, show off a new clothing line, or just create some buzz about the Marshalls brand. Regardless of the main intent of the promotion, the idea sounds like it could be effective at achieving any of the three goals. I could not find any more details on the campaign but it would have been interesting to know who Marshalls’ was attempting to target and what part of Chicago the street team was focusing on. Based on the pictures it looks like younger working women are the target and the two women to the left are in a business district or downtown area.


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