Friday, October 13, 2006

Intel and Second Life

Intel and Second Life are doing some co-branding by having one of the top virtual builders Versu Richelieu use an Intel Centrino Duo based laptop to create a landscape in the online game Second Life. What makes the campaign so different though is that people can see Versu in two places at once. By logging into Second Life they can see her virtual character (right) and see her in Datavisions, a New York City store front window where she will be making the landscape for 72 hours. If you are not in New York or have Second Life you can watch Versu in both locations through an internet feed.

This is a good buzz marketing promotion because it stops people in the street (similar to a David Blain Stunt) but the video game and internet feed allow it to reach people outside of New York City. What also makes the campaign so effective is that Intel is able to interact with there target audience by being in the game. Players can even interact with the landscape Versu has created, and see how much she has made on the Intel Centrino Duo in only 72 hours.
Also checkout Influential Interactive Media


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Kim said...

good posts - 10 points

i like this part of the post from the influential marketing blog about the SL/RL event - it's exactly what I want to see happen with all kinds of events - convergence on steroids (ha ha)

"I love this event. Why? It’s blogged. It’s podcasted. It’s videoblogged (by way of machinima). And it walks along that line of social network spaces and video game spaces. It’s profitable. It’s performance art. It’s real-time. It’s social. It’s a use of advertising that’s not preachy, but demonstrable use of products. It’s *everything*."


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