Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Scare from the Afterlife

Most guerilla campaigns are designed to stand out and catch a passerby’s interest. But a street billboard for a British itv show “Afterlife” does not give people the option to miss the promotion. Watch the video as one by one each pedestrian’s heart skips a beat when a voice from the afterlife calls to them.

Even though people will definitely remember their frightful experience it does not seem like they will receive the message to watch “Afterlife.” Most of the pedestrian’s showed negative reactions from the scare and almost all were walking faster to get away from the billboard. The last man in the video was so mad after being frightened that he walked back to yell at the person behind the cloth and kick the display. Only one woman seemed to have enjoyed the experience, because she was laughing as she walked out of frame.

The connection between “Afterlife” and the eerie whisper from the promotion is very creative but a passerby could not make the association because there is no real attempt to communicate that “Afterlife” is a show. It is more likely that the promotion is to encourage internet users to create a buzz by writing about it or e-mailing the video to a friend. This is the kind of clip that people would forward to their friends because it is always entertaining watching someone jump out of their skin. The video might also be an on air promotion used by itv because it explains that “Afterlife” is a show displaying the channel and time information at the end.

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