Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bodog Fights at Red Lights

The entertainment company Bodog is promoting its mixed martial arts pay per view event with a series of mini fights called Red Light Fights. The mini fights which start on November 19th take place in the back of trucks that will be driving around several cities in California and New York City. When the truck stops at a red light the fights will begin. According to Adrants Bodog’s Red Light Fights will even have Bodog Girls as the round card carriers.

I like the idea behind this promotion because it would definitely stay in my mind if I saw two people fighting in a ring set up in the back of a truck. It is an experience I could picture myself telling to friends. Bodog is also using the guerilla promotion with traditional media to increase awareness of the pay per view fight. I first heard about the event and BodogFight this past Saturday when I was watching college football.

The problem I have with the Red Light Fights is that the logistical step up. People might not understand what is happening when the truck stops at a red light for only a few seconds. The fighting in the ring does not portray an actual Bodog fight so people might not understand the brand or how it differs from other mixed martial art entertainment.

From Adrants


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