Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Credit Card Bike Rides

The financial institution Chase used a guerilla/outdoor marketing campaign that offered free bike rides to college students. The promotion encouraged the students to sign up for a Facebook group where they could register for Chases’ credit card loyalty program. The bicycles where branded (check out picture) and placed on 17 college campuses giving rides from 9AM to 3PM. According to Adrants in a four week period the promotion got 29,000 college students to sign up for the loyalty program.

I really like this promotion because how if connected with the college student target market. It first created a relationship by offering a service for free. Even if it is just a ride to class, students like any consumer appreciate the extra effort. Chase also connected with college students by using a Facebook group as the medium to encourage enrollment into the program. Anything is better than another direct mail credit card application but Facebook is the most effective way a marketer can connect and reach college students.


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