Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Soundbombs are a new interactive concept that can project a prerecorded sound when motion is detected. The idea invented by Fleix Beck, steams from noisy alarm “streetart” that has now been refined for more versatile use. Soundbombs create the opportunity to enhance current media by providing more options for guerilla marketing, as well as provide another dimension to billboards. Influential Interactive Marketing envisions Soundbombs being used by charities when collecting street donations. A message would play for pedestrians that walked by a Soundbomb, enticing them to make a donation. I can see how this technology could be very useful in any outdoor marketing because its ability to attract attention and further articulate a message.
What has added to the buzz about Soundbombs is the unique distribution method. A person that wants the product must apply by giving an offer and a reason to use it. This keeps the integrity of Soundbombs intact because the product will only be used for effective and engaging purposes. According to Wired Magazine referenced in Influential Interactive Marketing their have already been 2,500 requests for the product.


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